Corcovado: Voices of the Lowland Rainforest— (CD AUDIO PROJECT)
by: David L. Ross, Jr.

The preceding text on the opening Corcovado Page was written as the introduction to an audio production. This long planned but as yet incomplete stereo audio CD project on the rainforest sounds of Corcovado National Park is envisioned as my masterpiece. The plan is to present a complete day, compressing predawn, morning, afternoon, dusk and night into an 80 minute audio presentation. This compilation will both reveal the prominent and interesting sounds so typical of this amazing forest, as well as little known acoustic jewels of the forest depths. Many of the evocative voices will have seldom been heard on any other presentation. They will shine through here and be identified. Detailed text describing the context of the sounds experience may be provided in an accompanying booklet, or perhaps linked to, via a web site such as this one.

How will this "Rainforest Day" be different from others gracing your shelf or competing for your attention? In several important ways.
Many production present some interesting and often heard sounds. These are often the few sounds heard from the edge of a clearing near the lodge, or from the river edge. The taste here will be of the forest interior, of sounds pursued at length, targets in a mission minded effort. The sounds collected and selected for this project have been recorded over a period of years, entailing uninterrupted months in the rainforest with sound being the objective. The goal is to create the perfect marriage, between knowledge of what this forest sounds like, of what the sounds are, and of the labor and dedication to mission that this project has involved.

There are already hours of stereo segments selected, which can be cross-faded and blended together, or presented as individual CD tracks. There are also dozens of bird, amphibian, and mammal recordings pulled to include as a field guide, and or to be mixed into the stereo environmental pieces.

The challenges remaining are, finding a market for such a CD or an organization willing to support it, and narrowing its focus--editing it down to 80 minutes or less, or going to a DVD? Costa Rican Birds Home, The Bird Zoo Home

If you want to help in this contact me via: