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The Great Green Macaw (Ara ambigua) is emblematic of Costa Rica's conservation efforts, both in terms of its magnificence, as well as in the sense of urgency, and in the relentlessness of the challenges which this amazing republic faces. These macaws are much more rare than their better known siblings the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) which in Costa Rica is more common on the Pacific Slope. The Great Green Macaws are seldom seen,
Eye-popping parrots, resplendent quetzals, dazzling hummingbirds, and amazing toucans, are all to be expected in the American tropics. Costa Rica, the rich coast, is also rich in its variety and splendor of birds.
Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) photographed by David Ross in Corcovado National Park, Puntarenas, Costa Rica


This is a site created for those interested in Costa Rican birds, and tropical nature in general. The Central American democracy of Costa Rica is famous for its rainforest, its national parks and preserves, and for those in the know--for an amazing avifauna. Costa Rica's land area is roughly equal to that of the state of West Virginia, yet it list fully 10% of the worlds species of birds. To see this assortment, one must visit a wide variety of habitats. It is tropical Costa Rica's wide range of habitat types that house this richness in bird species. Within short roadtrips of an hour or two, the visitor or birder can be in remarkably different environments. From the dry forests of Guanacaste, to cloud forests, and the high elevation of the Continental Divide and volcanic peaks such as Volcan Irazu and Volcan Poas, to the middle elevations of the the Caribbean Slope, and the lowland rainforest below, one can enter into impressively different worlds of plants scenery and birds.
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Initially this site will depend heavily if not entirely on the copyrighted material of the webmaster David L. Ross, Jr.. Please do not reproduce, or repost these to the web without permission from the owner. It is hoped that we may soon draw upon some of the talented naturalists and ornithologists that are working and have worked within Costa Rica and the Neotropics.
So Welcome! and Cyber journey the rainforest, dryforest, cloudforest and the highlands in search of tropical birds. Enjoy and share with friends students and classmates, these images, sounds, and articles of birding and natural history experiences in amazing Costa Rica. Look and listen to solitaires, rumbling volcanoes, and howler monkeys at keyboards distance, and then hopefully in muddy boots on a rain wet sendero in a land of wonder. This is Pura Vida (pure life), the bomb, off the hook--if the word "Quetzal" makes your pulse quicken. This may be a sight worth revisiting as it grows and changes through time..

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